About Kratovo

Kratovo is a small picturesque town in the north-eastern part of Macedonia. It is known as a town – living museum, it has a mild and pleasant climate and it is built upon the crater of an extinct volcano. The town got its name exactly because of the place where it has been built upon, Kratovo – similar to crater… During the times of the Roman Empire, the town was known under the name of Kratiskara and it was a wealthy town with several mines of gold and many stores where the gold was sold as coins and jewelry.
Kratovo is town of dolls, bridges, roman mines, the old bazaar, town of wonderful churches and monasteries built as early as in the 14th century; Kratovo is a town of St. Georgji of Kratovo, being one of the oldest town in Macedonia. Unspoiled nature, fresh air, old architecture, cultural-historical sites, warm welcome and the specific Kratovo cuisine make this town one of the most desired and most visited tourist destinations in Macedonia.
Hotel Kratis is at your disposal to enhance the quality of your stay in the ancient town Kratovo by organizing visits to many siteseeings and monuments within and outside the town..