Restaurant „Gurman“

The town inn, Gurman is located in the Ajducka Bazaar in Kratovo. By its position, interior design, ambient and tradition it fully reflects and in the most positive way famous Kratovo inns of the last century: DD’s inn, Tase’s Inn, Balkan Inn and Mango’s Inn. In the past, the picturesque Kratovo was known by its rich mines, money forging plants and trade, but it was also known for its rich tradition of town’s inns, serenades and tasty national cuisine.

Numerous photographs on the walls of the town’s inn will bring you back to the recent and not so recent past of the town, getting a sense of the spirit of the Kratovo people throughout the thousands of years of history of this ancient town. Famous Kratovo bohemes enjoyed national specialties of the area over red wine and tambourines.

The Inn Gurman offers you the same Kratovo specialties, prepared as a home meals of vegetables, meat and other locally known ingredients. And due to the ecological environment of the Kratovo region, we can offer you the soups, meals, barbeque, roasted chicken, and the zelnik and pastrmaylia (national dishes) as healthy ecological food.